Writing Update

I’m currently trying my hand at writing a Resident Evil fanfic. As a long time lover of the VG series it’s something I’m passionate about. I hope other fans will enjoy it too. It’s not going to be filled with tons of sex, so if you’re expecting that, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

I will post excerpts as I work through it. So you’ll get teasers of what the story encompasses. I know fans can be very passionate, some to the point of obsession, extremely critical and sometimes downright shitty towards this type of thing. But the way I figure – I can’t fuck it up any worse than anyone else has.

So keep your eyes here for upcoming posts.


The Black Rose

Here is wisdom

It is the devil’s scent

The putrid stench of conformity

marked by the awestruck faces

of those seduced by its beauty.

It is the Black Rose of the world,

but they think it is beautiful and unique.

They ignore the seduction

they’ve been exposed to.

The hypnotizing words

of inferiority and superiority.

All wanting to be a part of the majority,

willing to do anything to fit in,

yet never wanting to cross the fence of uncertainty,

where the imagination is free to roam.

The desolate fields of innocence and integrity,

where there are no invisible barriers

to suppress your innermost thoughts.


It is the land of free will and equality.

A parallel universe that speaks the truth.

It affirms all their beliefs

that the truth is out there.

Yet they create a labyrinth of lies

with myriad traps

and only one way out.

What are the odds of redemption

when all other paths lead

to their idea of retribution?

Is there anyone who can withstand

the influence of the ignorant propagation

considered to be society’s ideologies?

Or will they all conform

to the android’s attire?

The present reveals

that they are all fascinated

by the sight of the Black Rose.

And yet, no one bothers to cross the fence

and admire the Bleeding Heart.